About Us

Alcos Global Corporation is a family corporation engaged primarily in the business of rigid plastics manufacturing.  What started out as a backyard operation by its founders Mr. & Mrs. Sy in 1965, has now grown to a multi-million dollar business catering to various clients both local and multinational.

Years of experience, tempered with its unwaivering committment to quality, efficiency, and providing the customer with value for their money has made Alcos one of the preferred suppliers of plastic packaging products including but not limited to bottles, caps, and plugs for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industries.

Our range of products provides customers with a complete line that can meet their packaging requirements.  What we don't have, we can readily develop using our in-house mould fabrication department.  Rest assured, customer satisfaction is the only basis of our success.



The company care about

Health, Safety & Environment
Human Resource Development
Energy Conservation
Corporate Citizenship

Alcos Global Corporation believes that any business conduct can be ethical only when it rests on the core values such as Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Trust, Responsibility, and Citizenship.

The essence of these commitments is that each employee conducts the company's business with integrity, in compliance with applicable laws, and in a manner that excludes considerations for personal advantage.

We do not lose sight of these values under any circumstances, regardless of the goals we have to achieve. To us, the means are just as important as the results.


Growth is care for good health

The Company values the health of its people wherein part of the employee benefits is the health card which the Company believes will help the employee to support the needs of its people through periodic medical checkups as well as other routine preventive services.


Growth is care for safety

We believe that the safety of each employee is the responsibility of the individual as well as of the whole community of employees.


Growth is care for the environment

The Company believes that a clean environment in and around the workplace fosters health and prosperity for the individual, the group and the larger community which they belong to.  Environmental protection is an integral part of the operation and maintenance the Company.


Growth is supporting our people

Alcos builds with care a workplace that proactively fosters professional as well as personal growth. There is freedom to explore and learn; and there are opportunities that inspire initiative and intrinsic motivation. We believe that people must dream to achieve, that these dreams will drive the company's excellence in all its businesses, encouraging every employee to reach his / her full potential by availing opportunities that arise across the group.





Alcos Global Corporation focuses on achieving excellence in occupational and personal health of its employees.

The programme has been instrumental in creating a culture of implementing health, safety and environment improving projects at workplace on a priority basis. This programme has also helped the Company improve its performance on the occupational health and safety front.



Alcos Health Management System (HMS) has been further strengthened with new initiatives. The HMS have been institutionalised to establish Company-wide safety management objectives, guiding principles and processes.

Alcos continues to pursue world class operational excellence through the Health Management System initiative, Alcos production area undertook a rigorous self-assessment of operational discipline and they are in the process of implementing improvement measures with total employee involvement.

The Company has a well planned safety training programme for employees as well as contractual employees.



In its pursuit of excellence in environmental management towards sustainable business development, Alcos Global Corp. continues to be committed to develop and implement Environmental Management System (EMS) to measure, control and reduce the environmental impact.

The Company is fully compliant with various environmental protection and health and safety laws and regulations. In its constant endeavour to be fully compliant with all regulatory standards, the Company has instituted a compliance management system, which ensures that the Company is in full compliance to all applicable legal requirements. Prior to the implementation of new projects the potential environmental impacts are assessed. The environment impact assessment and risk analysis are being performed and necessary measures are incorporated to mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

Alcos regularly conducts environmental monitoring around its facilities at the plant and submits the monitoring reports to the regulatory bodies without any adverse comments. The Company have secure necessary permits such as Environmental Compliance Certificate and Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) Discharge Permit Exemption showing its complaince with the regulatory bodies in mitigating adverse envionmental impacts.



"Safety of an employee overrides all the production targets", is the Safety, Health and Environment policy of the Company. The Company believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses as well as safety and environmental accidents can be prevented.

Alcos Global Corporation strive to be the leader in maintenance of Safety, health and environment and it is commited to;

  • Conduct all its activities in such a manner as to avoid harm to employees, contractors, visitors and all other third parties.
  • Promote occupational health of all its employees
  • Improve continuosly its environmental practices and performance
  • Minimize adverse impacts on environment and risk to the community that arise due to its operations, during its transport and delivery of its goods.
  • Utilize energy resources in a responsible and efficient manner so as to reduce emissions
  • Comply with all statutory requirements concerning safety, health and environment
  • Create a culture of learning and practicing health, safety and environment system, procedures and practices among all its employees and contractors.

Alcos Global Corporation strive to achieve these objectives by:

  1. Developing plans with proper and adequate safeguards for ensuring safety.
  2. Carrying out process and operational changes through well defined system and strive adherance to the same.
  3. Following effective use of safe working procedures and practices for operations, maintenance, inspections and emergency situations.
  4. Review and regularly update systems of procedures.
  5. Constantly train employees and contractors on safety and health practices.
  6. Conducting all work in a safe manner and to ensure integrity of the people
  7. Investigating all accidents related to safety, health and environment including minor ones and near misses, documenting the root causes and implementing corrective measures.
  8. Communicating learnings from such accidents to all employees and taking steps to prevent them from happening again.
  9. Keeping abreast of latest government issuances, standards and practices and adapting the same if applicable.



Protection of environment is of prime concern of the company . While it is our goal to provide quality product and service to all our customers, Alcos is conscious of its responsibility towards creating, maintaining and ensuring safe and clean environment for sustainable development.

Alcos Global Corporation is committed to:

  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as take any additional measures if necessary.
  • Follow systematic approach to environmental management plan in order to achieve continual performance improvement.
  • Prevent pollution, maximize recycle, reduce waste, discharge and emissions.
  • Help in conserving natural resources by responsible and efficient use in all our operations.
  • Promote green sorroundings by planting trees at our Company to be in harmony with nature.
  • Inculcate in employees mind their responsibility in environmental performance, ensure appopriate operating practices and training.
  • Promote awareness among contractors and visitors for shared responsibility towards environment protection.